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Nursery – Ofili Class

Autumn (1) 2019

Welcome to Oak View Nursery

Settling in / Curiosity


Our focus book for this half term is Little Acorns. We will share the story together at carpet time where the children will be encouraged to participate in group discussions and activities. There will be opportunities for the children to share books in our cosy reading corner and explore mark making and early writing within the classroom and outside areas. Rhymes and songs are a daily part of nursery life and help develop vocabulary and listening skills.


Our classroom has many mathematical opportunities to discover space, shape and measure. The children can select puzzles and games that support mathematical development. Natural resources are available at all times that promotes counting, ordering and shape recognition. During this half term, we will focus on counting and number recognition of numbers up to 10, using rhymes and songs to assist learning.

Understanding of the World

Children are encouraged and supported to explore and be curious about our class and outdoor environments. Our curiosity and literacy themes will inspire the children to ask questions and be curious about the world. The children will also have access to ICT by way of our interactive whiteboard and iPad to complete simple programs and games.

Communication and Language

We always start our morning with our Hello and Days of the Week songs. We use Makaton Sign Language and visual timetable to support communication and language. As the children settle into Nursery they begin to understand the routine of our day using these tools. Speaking and listening activities are a daily part of Nursery life and staff ensure that children are exposed to a rich and diverse vocabulary to help build their knowledge.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The Nursery has been designed to create a calm and welcoming environment. Children will become familiar with our room and daily routine enabling them to feel safe and secure. Friendly behaviour is promoted by staff and children will begin to make friends and positive relationships. We encourage team work and sharing, for example, during snack time where everyone helps to set up and tidy away. We talk about our feelings and encourage each child to express how they feel and support managing emotions.

Physical Development

Our Nursery children have a wide variety of physical activity opportunities. The Early Years classroom is a perfect environment to explore, develop and learn new skills. Finger gym activities such as threading, Geo Boards, tweezers and play dough all help to build the muscle and coordination for future handwriting. Building, construction, climbing and outdoor equipment develop strength, stamina and promote a healthy lifestyle. The children will participate in physical activity every day, despite the weather! We will dance and exercise indoors to music as well as yoga sessions and PE activities.

Expressive Arts and Design

The children will be encouraged and supported to be as creative as they wish while at Nursery. Whether painting or crafting, music or movement, children learn through being imaginative and this will promote skills for the future. Our class artist, Chris Ofili, will be used to inspire us as we discover colour and patterns used in his work. The children will be able to select resources independently and express themselves in their own way. The focus is more about the process of creativity rather than the final outcome in Nursery.

Our Learning Environment