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Nursery – Ofili Class

Summer (1) 2018

Our theme for Summer Term 1 is ‘Changes, big and small’.






We will begin by reading the book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, through the text we will learn about the life-cycle of a butterfly and discuss healthy eating.  We will care for our own caterpillars in the classroom and release them into the nursery garden.

We will then move to learning about the life-cycle of a chicken, we will have our own chicks to care for in the classroom.  We will discuss the needs of the chicks and observe them as they change and grow.

We will also learn about the life-cycle of plants and observe our own plants grow from seed which we will then plant in the nursery garden. 

As we move towards the transition to reception in September we will have more focus on developing independence and the children will gradually become more involved in focused small group work.

This term sees the beginning of ‘homework packs’ which will consist of letter and number formation and reading books.

Please do not hesitate to ask staff members if you have any questions relating to the above information.


Spring (1) 2018

Our theme for Spring Term 1 is People Who Help Us.

We will begin by discussing who helps us in our home and at school.  We will then extend our topic to include looking at various occupations such as Doctors and Nurses, Vets, Police Officers, Fire men and Women.  We will discuss the various occupations with children to find out what they already know and what they would like to learn about.  We will also encourage the children to explore this theme through role-play and creative activities.  We will conclude the term by looking at road safety and in particular ‘holding hands’. 

This term we hope to have various visitors to our classroom, this will include visits by a Doctor, Police Officer and a visit by the Fire Service (all subject to operational commitments).

This term also sees the beginning of discrete phonics sessions which may involve some homework tasks.

Please do not hesitate to ask staff members if you have any questions relating to the above information.

Autumn (2) 2017




Our themes for Autumn 2 are Autumn, Winter and Celebrations.


First we will be looking at the topic of ‘Autumn’.  This will involve an Autumn walk to observe the features of this season.  We will have fun walking through the crunchy leaves and throwing them to watch how they float down.  Through picture books such as ‘It was a cold, dark night’, ‘The Very Helpful Hedgehog’ and ‘Squirrel’s Autumn Search’, we will discover how our native wildlife cope with the colder weather. 

As the seasons change we will observe the effects of ‘Winter’ and weather permitting may get to build a snowman or two! Discussions will take place on the Hindu celebration of Diwali, Bonfire Night and the Christian celebration of Christmas, various craft activities will take place in relation to these events.



This term sees the beginning of Forest School (alternate Wednesdays), starting on the 15th of November and weekly class yoga sessions.

We look forward to welcoming parents to our Christmas production on the 13th December.

Autumn (1) 2017

Welcome to Oak View Nursery

The first few weeks of term will be spent settling the children into the nursery environment.  The children will be encouraged to engage with their learning environment and all staff will support them to become familiar with the routine of the morning.

During this time, your child will interact with other children at school, in many different situations.  We will work on the specific skills of sharing, empathy, cooperation and taking turns.  All children and adults will be expected to show respect to each other and their learning environment and resources.

We will cover the seven areas of learning through our theme of ‘Nursery Rhymes’, detailed in the overview of the term.

We will be looking at some traditional nursery rhymes such as ‘Old McDonald, Lavender’s Blue and ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive’.  Other not so traditional rhymes such as ‘Five little men in a flying saucer’ and ‘One elephant went out to play’ will also be covered.

Your child will engage with our curriculum both inside and out, please provide a coat for your child every day.

Forest school will commence on Friday mornings after half term, we will inform  you of dates nearer to this time.



Summer (2) 2018