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Nurture Class

Welcome to Dali Nurture Group

dali-musatcheWhat is a Nurture Group?

Our base is aimed at children who are temporarily unable to fully access the curriculum in their class setting. We offer a sanctuary where children can progress without the pressures of the classroom, whilst developing their personal, social and emotional skills, which are vital to be able to successfully learn in school.

The children will learn about speaking and listening, teamwork, respect for themselves and others, sharing and most importantly, how to enjoy playing and being children!

What will they learn?

Dali Nurture Group will enforce its own curriculum. We will keep up the children’s skills and knowledge of their core subjects with a much more relaxed approach, focusing on a different text each week.

Literacy and Numeracy lessons will be planned around their base class learning objectives, at their stage appropriate level.

Alongside this, we will focus on addressing each child’s self-esteem and personal needs to help them reach their full potential.

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