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Year 1 – Picasso and Seurat

Autumn Term 2019

Welcome to Year 1 with Miss Richards and Miss Haig.

During this coming Autumn Term our theme will be ‘All About Me’. This is a great topic to start the year with as it gives the children a chance to settle into their new routine whilst getting to know about each other through their learning.

We will cover this topic through many different curriculum areas including the following:

In Literacy, we begin our topic by looking at lots of poetry focusing on our senses and learning how to use these to develop our descriptive vocabulary. The children will be encouraged to use all of their senses to describe the world around them.  Following poetry, we will be exploring texts which contain predicatble phrasing. The key text we will be exploring in relation to this is ‘Funny Bones’. Finally, the children will master the art in learning how to write captions and labels to secure their non-fiction skills and we will aim to apply these across the curriculum by putting labels and captions into our science and theme work too!

In Maths, the children begin by developing their fluency in number. They will explore the number system and place value, learning to count, read and write numbers consecutively and in multiples and also identify 1 more and 1 less. They will also begin to use mathematical symbols within number sentences, solving problems through all four operations. In addition they will be learning about different measurements and shapes.

In Science, we will be looking at our bodies, including our external appearance, internal organs and our skeleton. We will be talking about the uses of each part of our body and why each part is important.

In History we will be looking at our own history and the history of our local area. We will look at how we have changed and how the area we live in has changed over time, comparing it to how it used to be many years ago.

In Geography we will be getting to know our school and our local area. We will be developing our map skills by locating familiar places in our locality and learning how to draw maps of our own.

In PE we will be undertaking the skills needed to perform gymnastics. We will be learning how to use the gym equipment safely and exploring the different balances and routines which can be performed on and around them.

In DT, we will talk about eating healthily, whereby the children will have the opportunity to design, make and evaluate a fruit salad, whilst learning about the different types of food.

In Computing we will be discovering programming. Children will explore computing devices, including e-safety awareness and simple computer use such as logging on and saving work.

In Art we will be developing our drawing and painting techniques by creating self portaits. This will help us to develop good observational skills as well and we will try to create portraits which are true to life, thinking carefully about the colours and tones needed to achieve this.

In music, we will be exploring music through various songs.

We will also be continuing to spend time in our Forest school this year. Both Year 1 classes will alternate each week, spending Tuesday afternoon down in Forest school making outdoor connections to our theme.