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Year 2 – Monet and Turner

Autumn Term 2021

During the Autumn Term our theme will be:

 Events beyond Living Memory
A sense of place: UK landmarks 

This will provide us with an amazing opportunity for a wide variety of cross curricular activities.

In Geography we will be using narrative texts to enhance our learning experiences, these will include: The Queen’s Handbag and Katie in London. 

Our learning will be focused around an Enquiry question: What are the four capital cities, countries and surrounding seas of the UK?  Children will be able to deepen their understanding of the countries of the UK considering the similarities and differences between the countries. We will also research UK landmarks to develop the children’s understanding of regions within each country.


This term we will be studying the Great Fire of London and its impact on the United Kingdom.  We will be using paintings depicting scenes from the Great Fire along with historical sources such as Samuel Pepys Diary to find out information for our studies.

Year 2 will also learn about the Gunpowder Plot and Remembrance Day and how these events are remembered through festivals or anniversaries. Narrative text, for example Where the Poppies Now Grow, will again be used to enhance the children’s learning.

Science will involve us taking a journey through different habitats and seeing how adaptation has enabled species to survive in a variety of locations. The school environment will be used to explore habitats including microhabitats. Children will find out about and describe the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival (water, food and air).

During the second half of the term we will study plants including bulbs. We will plant bulbs and investigate the conditions they require to develop and flower.


Art this term will develop the children’s appreciation of the need to look closely in order to replicate, different shapes and lines when drawing an object or picture. The children will use a range of drawing media including graphite sticks, charcoal, crayons, coloured pencils and felt tip pens. They will explore new ways of making lines and marks to describe a wide range of surfaces, textures and forms.

Later in the term we will explore printing. The children will create print blocks using different materials and use these to create patterns.

We will also explore the work of different artists and painting styles (e.g. abstract and realistic).

Computing will form an essential strand to all subjects as well as a discrete lesson in which the children will be taught the skills they require including aspects of programming. We will continue to use DB Primary, our school learning platform, which will allow children to access learning with you at home.

In Maths the children will be deepening their understanding of number bonds to 10 initially then to 20 and to 100. We will be developing their understanding of place value including regrouping two digit numbers. Counting forwards and backwards will reinforce their prior knowledge ready to build onto larger two digit numbers. We will also be focusing on counting in even steps, multiplication, division, money and measures. These skills will be used to develop strategies for problem solving.

We will be exploring Literacy through a variety of authors including Joseph Coelho and Anthony Browne. Children will listen to stories and share their thoughts and feelings about the texts. They will retell stories and use the author’s style to write their own stories with new characters which they will create.  Our learning journey will be enriched by also studying non- fiction texts including recounts, explanations and reports linked to our term themes.  Poetry will also form part of our literacy.

In Reading children will read daily in class and regularly share books with an adult. They will have group guided reading sessions during the week and complete activities linked to the texts they have studied. We ask that parents hear their children read every day and complete their reading record books as this shared experience ensures children make the greatest progress possible.

The Autumn term will form the start of an exciting journey through year 2. We welcome parent’s support on this journey as together we achieve better results.