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Year 3 – Renoir and Tissot

Autumn 2017

During the autumn term our theme will be Prehistoric Britain. We will be looking at how homes, food, clothing and weapons changed through the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.  We will be imagining what it would be like to live in the Stone Age and how our lives would be different.


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In science we are looking at rocks and soils and are very lucky to have a lovely collection of rocks to explore in our classrooms. Through investigations and scientific thinking, we will be busy finding out how rocks are formed, how they change and how we use the soils to produce food.


In Mathematics the children will use their understanding of place value and number facts to solve problems. They will be expected to recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables, and to understand how to work out the answers to higher tables as preparation for later recalling them.

RE focuses on Christian and Muslim beliefs and practices and describing God.

Art – The children will be looking at their class artist. Using knowledge of the colour wheel, they will reproduce a part of the class artist’s work in their own style.  Children will also explore art through our theme of Prehistoric Britain.

The children will learn Spanish this year. In the autumn term the children will be covering basic vocabulary.  They will learn the alphabet and explore days of the week, colours and counting through activities and songs.       

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In literacy we will be looking at instruction texts, writing recounts and traditional tales with alternative endings. The children will be working hard to improve their language skills, including vocabulary, punctuation and grammar.

Children will have the opportunity to have some swimming lessons. In PE, the children will be learning gymnastic activities – using floor and apparatus create and perform a sequence of contrasting actions. They will show extension when balancing and flow when transferring weight. Children will work on improving the quality of their movement.

In Year 3, the children will learn to play the recorder as a class.  The children will learn finger position, notes, rhythm, playing as a group, along with how to look after their recorder. The children will work towards playing tunes/songs.

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