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Year 6 – Mackintosh and Morris

Spring Term 2020

Our theme this term is ‘The Ancient Greeks’.

We will be learning about the beliefs and everyday life of people living in Ancient Greece.  We will compare and contrast the experiences of people living in the city states of Athens and Sparta, learn about Athenian democracy and compare this to the way our country is governed today.  We will also learn about some of the achievements of the Ancient Greeks and the lasting influence these have had on the Western world.

In art we will be creating abstract art based on the shapes of Greek letters, using collage techniques, charcoal and paint.  Linking to the use of masks in Greek theatre, and also considering the more up-to date visual language of emojis, we will examine how different emotions can be represented before designing and making our own masks using modelling materials.

Our literacy lessons will be developing, securing and applying new grammar, spelling and punctuation to a range of writing genres. The children will be broadening their vocabularies and given opportunities and support to write creatively and imaginatively.

Our novel study this term will be ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar.

The children will be encouraged to develop their thinking skills in our P4C (Philosophy for Children) sessions which are always lively and enjoyed. We will be continuing our work on developing our growth mindsets and becoming skilled, independent learners.

Our independent projects this term will focus on the Ancient Greeks and will allow the children to explore the topic further through independent learning.

Autumn Term 2019

Our theme this term is ‘Changes in Leisure & Entertainment throughout the 20th Century’, looking at developments in technology and how these influence how we spend our spare time.

An old-fashioned cinema  Attribution: Donald Tong

We will be looking at how British people spent their free time throughout the 20th century. This will include looking at famous musical artists, influential actors and films that impacted on society. In Art we will be studying our class artists who were influential during Victorian Times, learning how to create our own art in a similar style. We will be visiting the Forest School every fortnight, where we will develop practical DT skills.

In literacy we will be reading the text Street Child by Berlie Doherty. This story tells how a boy named Jim Jarvis fought against the hardships of Victorian life including the workhouse and living on the streets. It tells of his survival with the help of Dr Barnardo. The children will be studying the book through analysing characters and their journey, and considering what life was like for many during the Victorian Age.

Year 6 Meeting 2019



Summer Term 2020