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We believe as a school that it is important to teach children to learn to read before they can read to learn.

We place great importance on the skill of reading as it is a lifelong skill that opens many doors.  Children bring books home to share with parents and carers when they start in the nursery, and then once children move into Reception classes they will start to bring home books from our many reading schemes.

Initially we want children to become confident in turning pages, learning to hold books up in the correct orientation, before starting to know where to start reading.

Children initially learn to read the story from the pictures, before associating written words with reading.  With regular practice, both at school and home children begin to learn the beginning skills of reading.

As a school, our many home-school reading books are book banded into colours. We have a large range of both fiction and non fiction books available and we strive to be able to find books that are motivating and interesting for all children to read.

We have books from a large range of publishers including Oxford Reading Tree, Sunshine Spirals, Literacy Web, PM Gems, PM+, PM Photo Stories. Children progress through the book band colours, until they have a range of reading skills and strategies that enables them to confidently tackle a range of unseen texts with accuracy and fluency. Children are then deemed to be ‘free readers’.

Although most children learn to read, there are some children who find it hard to read and as a school we support these learners in a number of ways. The links below will show you what your child will read this year.

We have a qualified Reading Recovery teacher who works with individuals on a one to one basis three times a week linking reading and writing.  In addition, some children access Rapid Reading again three times a week with one of our qualified teaching assistants who specialises in this.  Other children are helped to make progress through opportunities to read aloud to an adult in school on a regular basis. We always welcome volunteers in school to become reading buddies with children in class. If you would like any more information on this, then please contact the school office.