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Staff vacancies are advertised on Teach in Herts. Please see their website for more information: Teach in Herts website

Teaching Staff


Name Designation Responsibility
Mr Neil Richardson Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team Child Protection, Standards and Achievement, Attendance, NQT mentor
Mrs Rachel Wan Year 6 Teacher, Assistant Headteacher  and Senior Leadership Team Science,  Year 4, 5, 6 Phase Leader and NQT mentor
Ms Siobhan Stuart

Year 6 Teacher, Assistant Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Anne Bishop Y6 Teacher Art, Design and DT
Miss Emma Hall Year 5 Teacher, Deputy Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team Literacy and PSHE
Mrs Laura Lupo-Gunn Year 5 Teacher PE and Assessment 
Miss Fiyona Joseph Year 4 Teacher  
Mr Kevin Cahill Year 4 Teacher  
Miss Amy Risley Year 3 Teacher  
Mrs Anila Riaz Year 3 Teacher  
Mrs Susan Wombwell Year 2 Teacher, Deputy Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team Computing, Year 2-3 Phase Leader and NQT Mentor
Mrs Sarah Taylor Year 2 Teacher  
Miss Cheryl Haig Year 1 Teacher RE
Miss Hannah Richards Year 1 Teacher  
Mr Andrew Barnes Reception Teacher and Senior Leadership Team EYFS Leader, Music
Mrs Sue Archer Reception Teacher History
Ms Cathrine Pascoe Nursery Teacher  
Mrs Louise Young SENDCO/Nurture Class Teacher  

Teaching Assistants and Early Years Practitioners

Name Designation Responsibility  
Ms Simone Barbe   Year 3  
Mrs Donna Batten   Year 6  
Miss Hazera Begum   Year 5  
Mrs Joanna Bradley   Foundation Stage  
Miss Gemma Bray   Year 1, Year 4 / Forest School  
Miss Isobel Bregazzi   Year 1  
Miss Lauren Chamberlain   Year 1  
Miss Dolores Darling   Year 3  
Mrs Colette Dawes   Year 4  
Mrs Joanna Dickson HLTA Foundation Stage  
Miss Sommy Echezona   Foundation Stage  
Miss Emma Gatherar   Year 5  
Mrs Sylvie Godfrey   Year 4 / SEN Support  
Miss Stella Hagger   Rapid Reading in KS2  
Mrs Sam Jones   Foundation Stage/Forest School  
Mrs Kevina McKeown   Maternity Leave  
Mrs Jane Moore   Year 6  
Mrs Carole Nash HLTA SENCO Support / Teaching Assistant Leader  
Mrs Marian Nichols   Reading Support  
Miss Gemma Oakaby-Wright   Nurture Class  
Mrs Jenny Oakaby-Wright   Year 2  
Mrs Pat Pauley   EYFS/KS1  
Mrs Zoe Redmond   Foundation Stage  
Mrs Cara Spencer   Maternity Leave  
Mrs Agnesa Szabo   Foundation Stage  
Ms Anne Thomas   Year 2  
Ms Suzanne Vann   Year 1  
Mrs Anneline Vermeulen   Nurture Class  
Mrs Lesley Waddingham   Foundation Stage  
Mrs Natalie Welch   Year 2  
Mrs Benita McKeown      

Administration Staff

Name Designation  
Ms Sarah Brooks Admin Assistant Part time
Mrs Alison Newman Finance Secretary Full time
Mrs Sheila O’Shaughnessy School Business Manager Full time
Mrs Jo Scott Secretary Full time

Site Manager

Name Designation
Mr Fred Buckland Site Manager

Midday Supervisors

Name Designation
Ms Simone Barbe  
Miss Hazera Begum  
Mrs Jo Bradley  
Miss Gemma Bray  
Miss Isobel Bregazzi  
Miss Lauren Chamberlain  
Mrs Jenifa Chowdhury  
Miss Dolores Darling KS1 Playleader
Miss Sommy Echezona  
Miss Emma Gatherar  
Mrs Sylvie Godfrey  
Miss Stella Hagger KS2 Playleader
Miss Sally Hetherington  
Mrs Kirsty Hornett  
Mrs Sam Jones  
Mrs Valerie Lane  
Mrs Marina Pillborough  
Mrs Kelly Redman-Clarke  
Mrs Zoe Redmond  
Mrs Agnesa Szabo  
Ms Anne Thomas  
Mrs Anneline Vermeulen  
Mrs Lesley Waddingham  
Mrs Natalie Welch