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Some key information:

From Thursday, 24 February 2022, the legal requirement to self-isolate and stay at home following a positive test was removed.  

The current advice is that pupils and staff who now test positive SHOULD stay home and avoid contact with other people for at least 5 full days, and then continue to follow the guidance until they have 2 negative test results on consecutive days.  Close contacts, who are fully vaccinated, and those under 18 years old, no longer need to test daily for 7 days. 

If your child is showing signs of one of the following symptoms, then the advice is that you SHOULD keep them off school and test them: 

  • a temperature; 
  • a new or continuous cough; 
  • a loss of taste or smell; 

If you receive a positive test, would you please continue to report this information to the school office.  

Please remember that if your child is not well enough to attend school then you should keep them at home.   

For the remainder of this term many of our systems will remain in place:

  • the one-way system
  • the soft start
  • children operating in phases
  • on-line learning for those who are self-isolating but who are well enough to work at home

Hygiene procedures within the school will also remain high.  

School Times:

The school gate and classrooms will open at 8.35am and shut at 8.55am.  All lessons will now start at 9am prompt.

Year Group                             Start Time                               Finish time

Reception                                  8.35am – 8.55am                       3.10pm
Year 1 and Year 2                  8.35am – 8.55am                       3.10pm
Year 3, 4, 5 and 6                   8.35am – 8.55am                       3.15pm

Nursery times will return to normal

Morning session                        8.35am -8.45am                    11.45am
Afternoon session                   12.15pm                                      3.15pm
All Day                                            8.35am -8.45am                      3.15pm

See further information on the NHS UK website.