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“Every Child Matters”

When the government published “Every Child Matters” it raised 5 key issues that were deemed essential in the complete development of each and every child. They were that every child:

  • Must be and stay safe
  • Must be healthy
  • Must be able to enjoy and achieve
  • Must be able to achieve economic well-being
  • Must make a positive contribution

At Oak View School all members of the Senior Leadership Team have the responsibility of ensuring that the school does its best to deliver each of the five key issues and in order to do this a wide range of measures are put in place some of which are listed below:

  • The school has a health and safety policy which is monitored each term.
  • The school conducts an annual Fire Risk Assessment and has adopted the Local Authority critical incidents plan (this details what staff and parents should do in the case of emergencies).
  • The majority of staff in school have undergone First Aid training and there are always members of staff on duty who volunteer to oversee first aid.
  • The school has a very secure site, which is controlled by precise management directives.
  • Children will only be allowed home with adults with parental responsibility or confirmed permission. Children should never be allowed to leave school alone during school hours, and if collected by an adult, must be signed out.
  • Excellent attendance is expected of all children, but when children are unwell parents are expected to confirm absence by telephone immediately.
  • The school works closely with the Local Education Authority’s Attendance Improvement Officer whenever a child’s attendance and punctuality causes concern.
  • With effect from March 2002, all staff who are appointed to work in school have to undergo an enhanced criminal records search called a CRB check. This search highlights people who have a criminal record or if previous allegations have been made against them. Hertfordshire County Council do not allow schools to employ new members of staff until the enhanced CRB has been received.
  • New staff are inducted into safeguarding practices.
  • Volunteers who help in school on a regular basis must also have an Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau clearance.
  • Visitors who do not yet have clearance will under no circumstance be left alone with a child or group of children.
  • Unless school has evidence that visitors have an enhanced clearance they will not have unsupervised access to children.
  • The designated adult for Child Protection at Oak View School is the SENCO, Mrs Young.  Our Deputy DSP’s are, Mr Richardson, Headteacher, Miss Hall, Deputy Head and Mrs Wombwell, Deputy Head. The Governing Body’s designated Child Protection governor is Mrs Lawson.
  • This school follows DfES guidelines 10/98 which asserts that physical restraint may be used if there is the possibility that a child may be about to cause harm to him/herself or to another. It also asserts that on no occasion should such physical contact be used as a punishment.
  • If the Headteacher decides that the allegation warrants further action, they must immediately make a referral to CSF.
  • The curriculum deals with safeguarding in two ways.
    • Firstly, the curriculum, in subjects such as Personal, Social and Health Education discusses relevant issues with the children. Topics include such themes as Drugs, Sex and Relationships and Stranger Danger. Children are encouraged to explore and discuss these issues. Children in Year 6 also attend an event called the ‘Crucial Crew’ that is run by Hertfordshire Police Service.
    • Secondly, the curriculum is designed so that safety issues within the subject are discussed and safe practices taught, such as using equipment properly in PE and Design and Technology. At all times there have to be appropriate staffing levels and when the curriculum is taking place out of school, appropriate and agreed pupil/adult ratios are maintained. The lead adult always assesses visits as to the level of risk and will complete a risk assessment form which will be authorised by the Headteacher before the trip can take place.
  • Children should be encouraged to use the internet as much as is possible, but at all times in a safe way. Parents are asked each year if they agree to their child using the internet. Pupils must never be left unattended whilst online and teachers should ensure that this does not happen. If teachers know of misuse, either by a teacher or child the issue should be reported to the Headteacher without delay.
  • As Child Protection Officer, the Headteacher has overall responsibility for internet safety. The Headteacher is also the internet and email manager for school.

At Oak View we try to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. All children are given equal access to the school and its curriculum and all at Oak View are considered equal in the learning partnership. When children are found to have special needs we meet with parents and when necessary contact outside agencies to enable them to access learning through a range of strategies.

Children with disabilities must be able to take a full and active part in every lesson and every measure must be taken to ensure this.

Good behaviour is essential in any community and at Oak View we have high expectations for this.  The discipline of the school is taught by example.  Quiet reminders from the Headteacher and the staff bring the need for good behaviour to the children’s attention.  Talking politely to one another, we do not shout, greeting everyone with a smile and holding doors open are common place.

We have adopted the Golden Rules System to show our respect for each other.  These rules apply to everyone at Oak View and should be followed at all times and in all places. Although the emphasis is always on the positive there are also times when children have to be disciplined in order to maintain the safety and security of all children.

At Oak View we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all our pupils to learn in.  We promote an ethos of treating everyone with respect and ensure that there are strategies in place for dealing with bullying sensitively if, and when, it occurs.

At Oak View pupils will be prepared for an ethnically diverse society. The school will work hard to promote racial equality and harmony by preventing and challenging racism.  If anyone ever feels unjustly treated then the school welcomes and values a response.  It is in working together that we will make Oak View even better. Racism is tackled in both the RE and in the PSHE curricula. The children take part in discussions designed to raise awareness and address prejudices.

There has been a lot of controversy recently about adults photographing/filming young people.  The concerns are genuine, however at Oak View we have taken a sensible, balanced  approach, which allows parents to photograph and film providing they follow certain guidelines which are outlined in our ‘Use of Images Booklet’.

If members of staff ever have concerns about people working, paid or unpaid, they have a  professional duty to inform the management accordingly. This can be done in writing or verbally but staff should be prepared to discuss issues in the confidence that any such matter will be dealt with sensitively and with the necessary degree of confidentiality. The school follows the Local Education Authority’s draft policy on Whistleblowing.

Keeping Children Safe In Education