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As part of our ICT Curriculum, it has always been Oak View’s drive to personalise learning for all pupils. It is our aim for pupils to be equipped with the tools to be able to implement this.   We have collaborated with DB Primary, an external company to develop an online Learning Platform.  As part of the scheme, pupils and parents are provided with a personalised and secure, password protected area on the World Wide Web. Using this Learning Platform, pupils will be taught to use forums, create and post blogs and wikis and be able to save examples of their best work.

Since the Learning Platform is web based, pupils will be able to access their work anywhere they have access to a PC and the Internet, for example, at school, home or in the library.

Each child has a card with their personal details and how to access the Learning platform.
Please note: As with any secure internet account, it is important that your child’s password is kept confidential. If however, you think that their account has been compromised in anyway, please contact the school directly.

If you or your child need to be reminded of your passwords then please contact the school office for your log in details.

Take a look at the following documents for more information on using the learning platform:

One feature of the Learning Platform is the access to an e-mail account. Pupils will be taught how to use this responsibly. Oak View will take any allegations of bullying via the Learning Platform very seriously. Any incidents will be dealt with in accordance with our Dealing with Bullying Policy.

Oak View always provides supervised access to the Internet and all our teachers are very conscientious in preparing lessons with only child friendly material. The school’s Internet provider operates a filtering system that restricts access to inappropriate materials.

Thinkuknow is a public service where you can find information about online safety. You can also report any inappropriate events on this site.