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Litter Pick – Summer 2019


School Council 2017/2018  

The School Council have registered to take part in Tycoon in Schools 2017.

Each class will identify a project that they think will make money.

The School Council will decide which project they think will make the most profit and they will then create a business plan to submit for the competition.

Representing Year 2:

  I like my school because……….. I would like to improve……….

Representing Year 3:

  I like my school because……….. I would like to improve……….
Molly It’s fun at school The playground and make it more fun
Manu Of my favourite subjects – maths, science and geography I would like more sports

Representing Year 4:

  I like my school because……….. I would like to improve……….
Rana It’s like we are a huge family and we work together like a football team. We might have more dictionaries and more thesaurus’
Freddy People are respectful. Football and have a chart of teams for each year
Charlotte Learning is fun, nice teachers, lots of friends to play with More school trips and more clubs in KS1
Rebecca I have lots of friends, the walls have lots of work, the teachers The art, more trips

Representing Year 5:

  I like my school because……….. I would like to improve……….
Ingrid It is exciting, fun and interesting. The staff are kind, caring and supportive. I like the pupils here because they are friendly and kind The playground equipment. I would change the swings because people sometimes get their hands stepped on
Ethan The teachers are nice, good safe environment More trips, more history, have nets on the hedges to stop the ball going over
Clinton We learn new things every day of the week The lower playground – to put a net on the top so the ball doesn’t always go out.
Scarlet It gives us an opportunity of being responsible and taking care of people and the school. Making sure that everyone has a friend
Stacey Being on the School Council I get to help my school and give ideas to make it a better place. We get to plan things and ask the other children in school what they want the School Council to do to help the school  

Representing Year 6:

  I like my school because……….. I would like to improve……….
Tutu All the pupils and staff are kind and welcoming. When you are at school you receive a warm, friendly atmosphere. The teachers always strive to help us reach our full potential and as a result of that we aim to better our learning I would like to reward our school with a variety of facilities for our benefit.
Klarent The school is safe because we have gates that are closed and locked. We also have CCTV. I also like this school because we are active and into a lot of sports. The lower playground and add fake grass instead of having hard ground


Road Safety Campaign

The School Council visited the Apple Store in Watford to work on their Road Safety Campaign.



They then held a school assembly and presented their work to the rest of the school and invited guests.


Enterprise Sale December 2016

In December we held a Children’s enterprise afternoon to raise money for our Global Sustainability 2020 project.

Each class were given a loan to purchase necessary resources and the children made goods to sell for a profit to parents and friends of Oak View.

The money raised collectively will be used to buy educational goods to send abroad as part of the project.


Clean for The Queen

The School Council took part in the Clean for the Queen campaign, the aim of which is to clear up Britain in time for Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday, which will be officially celebrated in June 2016.

Clean Up for the Queen 2Clean Up for the Queen 1Clean Up for the Queen 7Clean Up for the Queen 9

When she came to the throne litter was not the problem that it is today. Food packaging, plastic bottles, takeaway meals and cigarette butts have all contributed to a growing menace that affects our wildlife, streets, countryside and sense of pride.

School Council 2014-2015

Elivijo – School Council Project Manager

School council members are elected by their class mates. We have been working together to raise money for charity. Hopefully, we can make our school eco-friendly and improve our apparatus and outside area. In school council we have entered several competitions, like saving energy. At the start of the term we suggested different ideas to make the school better. We had anti bullying poster competition and made the school aware of bullying.

Liam – School Council Project Manager Assistant

Hello my name is Liam and I am a member of the school council. We have done numerous things like going to the Houses of Parliament and going to Hatfield House. I really liked clearing out the woods with other school council members. Charlotte and I became school council members because we were selected by the pupils in our class.

Stacey – School Council Secretary Assistant

My name is Stacey and I work as a school council member in Oak View School. My class chose me as a school member and I am proud of it. I have done many things as like working in our garden. We were looking around to see if there was anything to improve in there. Once I went to the Houses of Parliament with the other school council members.


Hi my name is Charlotte or my nickname is brown eyed Charlotte. It is fun being in school council like the time we went to the Houses of Parliament. We became school council members because we were elected by our fellow pupils. I also enjoyed it when we cleared the woods because it was really fun but tiring.