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Reception – Lowry and Van Gogh

Spring Term (1) 2019

Our topic for Spring 1 will be Minibeasts!

As part of this particular topic, children will be able to explore and investigate different types of bugs and insects that live in our environment. We will be exploring a variety of questions the children thought of independently about minibeasts, including:

What do minibeasts eat?

How does a bee fly?

How does a spider make a web?

Where do worms live?

Why does the ladybird have spots?

The children will be taking part in various activities that aim to look in detail at the features of minibeasts such as: the spider, ant, worm, ladybird, caterpillar, butterfly, etc. We will do this by making minibeasts out of different materials, looking at their features and habitats and creating fact files for each type.

Some of our activities include:

Going on bug hunts, creating bug tally charts, ladybird addition/doubling, butterfly symmetry/shape, bug subtraction, worm halving and grouping, minibeast fact files, scientific labelling of bugs, investigation habitats.

Please ensure the homework bags come to school in their book bag every day.

Please read with your child at least twice a week and record their progress in their record. Please ensure they are returned on your child’s designated change-over day.

Each Friday, a task will be sent home on the sounds and tricky words of the Phonic stage your child is working in, and also a task for Maths. Please ensure these activities are completed and returned every Monday.

Autumn Term (1) 2018

Our topic for Autumn 1 will be We are Family.

As part of this particular topic children will be doing various activities such as painting self-portraits, discussing their favourite things with their peers and drawing pictures of themselves, talking about their family and special times in their own lives. We will discuss how different and similar we are to others and learn to talk about our feelings and emotions. This will ensure that we are confident and comfortable in our new surroundings.

Through this topic there is a great opportunity for us to get to know how your child is progressing in the 7 areas of learning. We will be carefully watching and assessing your children to gather an initial idea of how to help them grow and learn. During this time, teachers and support staff will be carrying out observations to assess your child on entry to reception so that we have a better understanding of what your child already knows. Observations may be PAL (Play and Learn time) or small group tasks.

We will also be spending a lot of time helping the children learn the school rules, routines and how to use resources inside and outside. This will help them develop independence and confidence to help them settle into school life.