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Modern Foreign Languages

At Oak View, we follow the Language Angels programme for teaching Spanish. The programme has been designed for schools by experts in teaching foreign languages. To ensure lessons are fun, interactive and include a wide variety of strategies to engage the children. The programme encourages and promotes the children to acquire the skills to learn a new language, whilst having fun.

The four language skills

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

These 4 aspects are covered in each lesson that is taught. The skills are built upon each year and develop over time. As the children develop their confidence within these areas the programme is designed to provide the appropriate amount of challenge to keep the children striving to achieve their best.

Different Topics

When teaching Spanish at Oak View we cover a range of different topics to engage the children and make learning another language as relevant and useful as possible. We cover things such as animals, clothes, weather, the classroom and family. During these topics the children explore and learn relevant vocabulary, pronunciation of the words and use these to write sentences.