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Year 1 – Picasso and Seurat

Welcome to Year 1.  Your teaching staff are Miss Dunn (Seurat) and Mr Barnes (Picasso).  Your teaching assistants are Ms Vann and Mrs Redmond.

In Year 1 children have PE on a Tuesday. Please come to school wearing PE kit.

Summer Term 2023

Welcome back to Year 1 Summer Term with Miss Dunn and Mr Barnes. We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and are ready for our final term of year 1! 

In Literacy, we begin our term by looking at poetry. We will explore performing different poems, focusing on the rhyming words. We will then look at a book called Coming to England by Floella Benjamin. This book is linked to our theme topic this half term. The book is based on a true story celebrating the Windrush generation. It follows the story of Floella’s family and their experiences of moving from Trinidad to London. Following this, our next literacy topic is Dinosaurs. We will be exploring a selection of stories linked to dinosaurs, as well as creating our own non-fiction texts.

In Maths, we will be exploring unitising and coin recognition, using our skills of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We will also begin to look at multiplication and division, using different strategies, such as grouping, repeated addition and arrays. We will start to look at telling the time, using o’clock and half past. The children will also be exploring fractions and looking at sharing quantities into equal groups, finding equal and unequal parts of shapes and exploring problems using fractions.

In Science, we will be looking at animals and the group they belong to; fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. We will be classifying a selection of animals according to their features and movement. The children will also be exploring what animals eat and classifying the animals into; herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Following this, we will be focusing on seasonal changes in the summer. We will be making links with our theme topic and investigating seasons in England and Trinidad. We will also be looking at identifying parts of trees and identifying what is happening underground beneath plants.

In Theme, we will be looking at how our local area and Pointe-a-Pierre (in Trinidad) are the same and different. We will be locating both islands on a map, using aerial view to identify human and physical features, and looking at what it is like living in Pointe-a-Pierre. As well as, comparing houses, transport and buildings in Trinidad to our local area. We will also be discovering what makes Floella Benjamin a significant person.

In PE we will be working on athletics and sports day preparations. We will be developing our skills associated with athletic events, such as running and jumping. In athletics we will be exploring running at varying speeds, agility, balance, jumping, hopping and leaping in combination and for distance and throwing for distance. Another key focus will be on working safely, collaborating with others, working independently, honesty and playing to rules. We will also be exploring striking and fielding activities. This will focus on throwing, catching, retrieving the ball, tracking the ball and striking a ball.

In RE, we will be looking at Judaism; looking at the importance of religious festivals  and celebrations (Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur).

In Computing we will be looking at programming, exploring how to program robots, following commands and writing commands. We will then look at digital writing; exploring the keyboard, adding and removing text and using the toolbar.

In Art we will be looking at portraits and self-portraits. We will be exploring different media and techniques and looing at the work of our class artists.

Design and Technology will be linked to our transport theme, as we will be exploring wheels and axles and the children will create their own vehicles.

In Music, we will be listening and appraising different types of music. We will be finding the pulse and clapping the rhythm. We will be singing and playing untuned and tuned instruments. We will also be learning the lyrics and playing instruments to some new songs (Your imagination by Joanna Mangona and Pete Readman).


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