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Design and Technology

D&T gives children the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of designing and making functional products. We feel it is vital to nurture creativity and innovation through design, and by exploring the designed and made world in which we all live and work.

Through creative and practical activities, children are taught the processes of designing and making. Each term the children have a Design & Technology topic where they can develop their skills and knowledge of design, structure, mechanisms, electrical control using a range of materials, including food. The main skills that children develop in Design and Technology are:

  • Design – Using design criteria and communicated in different ways.
  • Make – Using a range of material, tools and equipment.
  • Evaluate – A range of existing products and their own products.
  • Technical knowledge – Exploring and building structures, using mechanisms and understanding electrical systems.

These skills will develop as the children progress through the school all the way up to Year 6.

Please, take a look at what each year group is exploring in their Design and Technology projects this year at Oak View. The majority of these projects link to our history or geography topics.