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Road Safety and Travel

We are collaborating with a Road Safety and Travel initiative called Mode shift Stars. The scheme recognises schools that show excellence in supporting the safe cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable and active travel to and from school.

The safety of our pupils and parents while getting to and from school is of the upmost importance to us as we have many families and children who use various modes of transport to get to and from school. We will be implementing a range of different Travel and Road Safety initiatives and we hope to make an impact on the safety and sustainability of our families and the way in which they access Oak View School in the near future.

The first initiative which we will be addressing is BE BRIGHT BE SEEN.

We will be discussing with the children why it is important to wear bright/high visibility clothing and to make use of reflective items such as reflectors/ badges/tape/lights in order to make themselves more visible to others while travelling near or on the road in poor light and weather conditions.

We hope you will support us with discussing the importance of this with your child and ensure that while they are traveling near or on the roads that they are clearly able to be seen by other road users.