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Our school meals are provided by Hertfordshire Catering and at Oak View, we offer the Pupil Choice Plus Menu which gives the children the choice of a hot meat, hot vegetarian or cold lunch option each day.

The cost of a two course school meal is £2.70 per day for a Junior age pupil. School meals are free of charge for all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children.

Children of families receiving certain benefits could be entitled to free school meals and other education benefits.

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Hertfordshire Catering are committed to providing tasty, satisfying, nutritious and healthy Good School Food that keeps children coming back week after week for more! They are proud of their delicious menus and the quality of the ingredients they use.  Their guarantee of quality is underpinned by the fact that:

  • All the eggs they use have been laid by very happy, healthy free range hens that are kept under RSPCA Freedom Foods criteria and are from a BEIC Lion Quality assurance farm.
  • Their frozen potato supplier, McCain, works with over 300 UK farmers,with many of these relationships stretching back for three generations.
  • Birds Eye best-seller,Omega 3 fish fingers appear on their menus and carry the ‘Captain’s Nutrition Mission’ statement as a guarantee of their goodness.
  • The breaded fish they cook in our Primary Schools is caught from sustainable waters and is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council

All of Hertfordshire Catering’s Good School Food menus comply fully with the Government’s Nutrients and Food Based Standards. If you have any difficulties in understanding the nutritional element, please contact our Nutritional Helpline 01707 292500.

My child needs a Special Diet menu

HCL offers specifically adapted menus in line with our mainstream offer for selected food allergies, intolerances and some cultural choices. We pride ourselves on having a rigorous process in place to provide a safe meal service to pupils with food allergies or intolerances. We have created a new, online application service that simplifies applying for a Special Diet Menu.  This is the required process for all new applications for special menus.

To ensure that food groups are not withdrawn from pupils’ diets without medical supervision and to also ensure that we have a full understanding of the medical implications, applications for special diets for medical reasons can only be made with supporting evidence from a GP, hospital consultant or dietitian. If you do not hold medical evidence there is a form that can be downloaded that can be taken to a GP for them to stamp and sign.

The application usually takes about ten minutes to complete and can be accessed using this link: