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Eco Classroom

We have a few snagging issues to resolve and are sourcing the furniture for the new classroom and then we can start using this lovely space.

The scaffolding was taken down at the end of Autumn Half Term.  The outside of the building should be finished soon, with final fixes taking place inside ready for the building to be handed over to us later in November …….

The Roof is on and first fix is taking place inside the building…..

Week 2 – The construction starts

The building is starting to take shape


September 2020 – The build starts…..

Day 1

Day 2

Mrs Davis’ Vision

An eco building to provide therapeutic space that will connect people in no other way and that no other medium can.  A space to act as a medicine where conversations will heal or do the inner work to feel happy, supported, unashamed and relaxed.

To provide a space for small group work where relationships flourish between peer and peer, adult and peer.


Through the provision of therapeutic activities: lego therapy, draw and talk, emotional literacy, I am listening and counselling for the children in our care.

Creativity will flourish through organised lunchtime activities for those when play is too much.  A space where the teaching community can meet at the end of the school day in dialogue or in silence.

Oak View is a community school that encourages parents and carers to participate in activities organised by the school. We embrace collaborative working with all members of the Hatfield community and will encourage residents and businesses to use the space to plan their own well being of interest.