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Year 2 – Monet and Turner

Welcome to Year 2.  Our Teaching Staff are Ms Lee (Monet class) and Ms Lupo (Turner class). Our teaching assistants are Mrs Oakaby-Wright, Mrs Parvez and Ms Barimah.

Homework will be sent home on Thursday and is due back in school the following Tuesday.  Maths homework will be completed online using MyMaths and phonics and spellings homework will be sent home and completed in a homework book. Spelling tests will be on Tuesday morning and reading books will be handed in every Monday morning, with 4 entries from an adult.

PE – both classes will have PE on a Friday afternoon. Children should come to school on this day in their PE kits.

Autumn Term 2022

Subject Area Autumn Term Information about teaching Photos

Unit 1: Non-fiction writing based Nicola Davies book Hummingbird.

Unit 2: Poetry based on real-life events – the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Unit 3: Narrative writing based on Anthony Browne books.

Unit 4: Recount writing based on Anthony Browne’s book Into the Forest.

Unit 5: Information text based on a cross-curricular link to Science (materials) using Jim and the Beanstalk and The Day the Crayons Quit

There is always a big focus on phonics and reading. Children will be using the new sounds they have learned, as well as ideas from new reading books, to aid with their writing.

Children will be exploring a variety of different authors and genres of writing such as non-fiction (non-chronological reports), narrative writing (story), recount writing (retelling what has happened in a story or event), and informational texts (explaining how something is made or how something is used).

The focus in Autumn term is forming simple sentences with complete grammatical accuracy (capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, noun and verb).




Week 1 & 2: Fluency to 20 (counting on and back and number bonds).

Week 3 & 4: Place value of tens and ones (2-digit numbers).

Week 5: Representing, ordering, and comparing numbers to 100.

Week 6-9: Mental addition and subtraction 1- and 2-digit numbers to 20.

Week 10: Solving missing numbers in number sentences.

Week 11 & 12: Exploring money amounts (making change, comparing amounts).

Children will be focusing number and place value in the Autumn term.  Children will be able to use many manipulatives to help them with their learning such as rekenreks, cubes, base-10 blocks, counters and tens frames.

In addition to maths lessons, children will also have a maths fluency lesson each day for 20 minutes, which focuses on number bonds and number fluency.


Habitats: What’s in your habitat? Our Changing World.








Materials: Good Choices

Children will explore the differences between things that are living, once lived and never lived.  They will also be learning about different plants and animals and their habitats, including microhabitats.  In addition to this, they will learn what animals, including humans need for survival and how they obtain food using the idea of a simple food chain.

Children will be exploring different materials and what they are suitable for. This will be done as a cross-curricular link to English by looking at the book Jim and the Beanstalk.


Great Fire of London

The Gunpowder Plot

Remembrance Day

This will be a cross-curricular link with Geography and English. Children will be learning about the Great Fire of London, The Gunpowder Plot and Remembrance Day and the significance these events still hold in present day.

What are the four capital cities and countries and surrounding seas of the UK?

Children will be learning about the United Kingdom, the countries within it, the capital cities and the surrounding seas. To do so, they will be reading different books, such as Katie in London, and learning how to read maps, use atlases, and study a globe.

Children will also have the opportunity to learn how to use a compass and will understand North, East, South and West in relation to the countries in the UK and the surrounding seas.

Art & DT

Art – London landmarks project


– creating London landmarks using sliding, pulleys, and pinwheels.

This links very well with the learning children are doing in Geography and History this term. It provides them with an opportunity to take their learning on London, and the UK, and apply it in practical, hands on ways.

Children will be studying the work of a variety of artists that include different line work and mark making in their pieces.


Christianity – is it possible to be kind to everyone all the time?





Christianity – why do Christians believe God gave Jesus to the world?

Children will be exploring different stories of Jesus to learn about kindness.  They will talk about when it might be difficult to show kindness to others and how they can overcome these feelings.

Children will be exploring the Christmas story and why Jesus was a gift to the world, from God.  They will also be exploring different ways they can show love to the world.


Being Me in my World







Celebrating Differences

Being Me in my World

–      What are your hopes and fears for the year?

–      What are our rights and responsibilities?

–      What is a reward and what is a consequence?


Celebrating Differences

–      What are the differences between boys and girls?

–      What is a stereotype?

–      What is bullying and why does it happen?

–      How can I stand up for myself?

–      What is gender diversity and why is it okay to be different?


Gymnastics and Fundamentals

Fundamentals: Children will develop the fundamental skills of balancing, running, changing direction, jumping, hopping and skipping.

Gymnastics:  Children will develop gymnastic skills of jumping, rolling, balancing and travelling individually. They will create short sequences and movement phrases using different shapes, levels and directions. They will do this on the floor and using some apparatuses.


Hands, Feet, Heart – songs that celebrate South African music

Ho, Ho, Ho – A Christmas song

Pupils will be learning about different rhythms and notes in music. They will be learning how to play different notes using glockenspiels and how to sing these songs in harmony.