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At Oak View, the intent of teaching PE is to give the children the tools to take part in a range of physical activity and school sport to make a positive impact on their own physical health and wellbeing. We encourage a wide range of sporting and physical skills and opportunities to help support fitness and life choices.  PE can challenge and promote self-esteem through the development of physical confidence and problem solving.


There is a wide range of sport types that are embedded into our lessons. These include:

  • Invasion games
  • Gymnastics & Dance
  • Athletics
  • Outdoor and Adventurous activities
  • Fielding/Striking games

These lessons are led by a mix of specialist coaches and teachers who use each lesson to build upon and develop skills.

Children are given wider opportunities to build character and embed values through regular teamwork activities, intra house and inter competitions. Sports Premium Funding is used to increase physical competency of children and also provides staff with resources and high-quality equipment. Children are provided with their full entitlement to Physical Education.


We believe that the competition element of sport is an important life experience for children and try to ensure that pupils get the opportunity to represent the school in various competitions. Oak View are part of the School Games which set up a wide range of inter – school competitions around the Welwyn and Hatfield area, including links with Primary and Secondary schools.


Pupil Voice and end of year assessments demonstrate evidence of children’s progress. Regular verbal feedback is given within lessons to praise and ensure children are applying the correct technique. Children have an understanding of their own learning and support peers to continue to improve and excel.  The children understand the impact of Physical activity on their own body (this is also linked to science topics).