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Nursery – Ofili Class

Welcome to the Nursery.  Our teacher is Ms Pascoe and our teaching assistants are Ms Darling and Mrs Szabo.

Summer Term 2022

This Term in the Nursery we will be focusing on the topic of Growing & Changing. We will be looking at the lifecycles of different animals and plants such as; Butterflies, Ducks, Frogs, Beans and Sunflowers. We will be closely observing how each of these living things grows and changes from beginning to end and understanding the life cycle which they go through.

We are lucky to have the experience of having real caterpillars, duck eggs, tadpoles and plants in our classroom and the children will be encouraged to observe daily what is happening and how each living thing and creature is developing and changing. We will discuss what they need in order to survive and how we can care and look after them.

We will be learning about and celebrating Eid together at the start of May as well as celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee as a whole school at the end of the month.

Spring Term 2022 

This term in nursery our leaning will be inspired by the topic ‘Superhero’s’. We will be discussing both fictional and real-life superheroes. Books such as Supertato and Superworm will kick us off into discussing what a superhero is and what qualities they might possess.

We will then begin to discuss the real-life superheroes that are all around us: KEY WORKERS! We will look at books such as Real Life Superhero’s and A Superhero like you which include occupations such as; doctors & nurses, dentists, firefighters, paramedics, the police, recycling & waste removal, teachers etc.

Our role-play area will be based on different key worker settings which will allow the children to immerse themselves in the roles of some real superheroes; starting off with a doctor’s surgery and hospital. The children will be instrumental in setting up the role play areas and will choose what key worker setting will be set up next. We will also look at promoting good oral hygiene practices this term and will be discussing why it is important and what we need to do in order to keep our smiles fresh and healthy.

Lastly, we will be learning about how we can become ECO-Superheroes! We will be discussing different things that are happening at the moment in our world, that are impacting the planet and our immediate environment, as well as what we can do every day that can help us save the planet. This will include; recycling in the classroom, litter-picking groups around the playground and school grounds, outdoor learning as well as choosing and adopting an animal in danger from the WWF. We will be secure in the knowledge of what conservation is and why it is important that each of us become an ECO- Warrior!

Autumn Term 2021

Welcome to Oak View Nursery

This term in Nursery we will be settling in and learning about our new school environment, our new friends and ourselves.

We will learn the routines and rules of the classroom and how to have fun and fulfilling learning experiences together as caring and kind friends. We will play lots of fun games to develop our ability to listen to instructions, to take turns and to consider others.

We will develop our literacy and numeracy skills through exciting play opportunities both inside and outside as well as express ourselves creatively through song, dance, music and the exploration of different media and materials.

We will be heading outside to notice the changes happening around us and to use our senses to explore the environment. We strengthen our gross motor skills through the use of our outdoor equipment as well as begin to use different tools such as scissors, paintbrushes and pens which will develop our fine motor skills.

We will share many familiar and new stories which will inform most of our activities and help us to fully immerse ourselves into our learning!

We will also be exploring and learning in our amazing new EYFS playground where we will be moving in different ways on the equipment, problem solving, building dens and enjoying amazing water play.