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Reception – Lowry and Van Gogh

Autumn Term 2021 (1)

To start the first part of the autumn term we will be looking at “Marvellous Me”.  This is a great opportunity for us to get to know your child in all of the 7 areas of learning.  As part of this topic children will be doing various activities such as painting self-portraits, discussing their favourite things with their peers and drawing pictures of them, talking about their family and special times and events.

In the first part of the Autumn Term we will spend time exploring a range of books. This will help develop communication and language skills. The children will develop early reading skills such as recognising the layout of books, predicting events and patterns of language. The children will engage in phonics sessions where they will begin to learn the sounds and formation of the phase 2 letters.  We will explore blending these sounds in order to read.

Throughout this term the children will become familiar with the classroom equipment and routines, providing them with security. The children will explore our new large outside area with activities such as gardening, forest school and “Welly Walks”. 

In maths, children will learn to count, recognise and order numbers to 10. We will encourage children to match numbers to quantities and to name one more and one less. The children will learn to subitise (recognise a quantity without counting them).  We will start to recognise and describe 2D shapes and create various patterns using objects.  The children will start to compare using measures (length, height, weight and capacity).

In music, children will listen to a range of styles of music. The children will start to recognise “pulse” (the beat) along with copying rhythms and creating their own. Children will get the opportunity to use a range of percussion instruments. As a class we will learn how to perform, starting with nursery rhymes. We will be using Charanga Music.

In PHSE we will be exploring the theme of “Being Me in My World” through our school scheme “Jigsaw”. The children will talk and explore the ideas: Help others to feel welcome; Try to make our school community a better place; Think about everyone’s right to Learn; Care about other peoples’ feelings; Work well with others and Choose to follow the learning charter.