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Year 5 – Escher and Klimt

Autumn Term 2021

This term our enquiry question is:

Who got what in the struggle for England?

Through our enquiry question: Who got what in the struggle for England? We shall be building our historical knowledge through timelines and providing the children with an understanding of this era. By using enquiry based learning they will have opportunities to research and engage with the local environment. The pupils will be exploring the mystery of the Saxon Grave and the burial of the Staffordshire Hoard, as well as the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England.  

They will be making connections with their Literacy and Theme work, exploring the text of Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo. This explores the Viking and Anglo-Saxon period in fifth century Denmark and focuses on the monstrous character the Beowulf. This term we will be focusing and developing their grammar, spelling and punctuation. The children will be exploring a range of texts (including visual) and writing their own narratives, diary entries and poems.

 In Maths this term we will be revising and building on the four operations and consolidating our knowledge of place value. We shall be revisiting a variety of methods for the operations and using a range of manipulatives to support them in their understanding. The children will be continuing to practise their times tables on a daily basis at the beginning of our maths lessons, to ensure that they are confident and fluent up to the 12x tables by the end of the academic year.

Our topic for Science this term will be properties and changes in materials. We will be learning new scientific vocabulary relating to states of matter, as well as making predictions and discussing results in a variety of experiments. The practical nature of science lessons means the children will be hands on with a range of objects, allowing them to develop their independence and enquiry skills.

The children will focus on building skills, communication, teamwork, participation and progress through the skills and techniques used in Tag Rugby. They will also be taking part in indoor athletics learning a variety of skills which will focus on developing co-ordination and technique.