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Year 5 – Escher and Klimt

Summer Term 2019

Welcome to Year 5. In our final term of the year, we will continue to develop our thinking skills, imaginations, creativity and develop our skills as independent learners. We will be using P4C (Philosophy for Children) across the curriculum to deepen our understanding of ideas. Throughout each day, there will be countless opportunities to develop language both in the written and spoken form.

This term, our theme is ‘Marvellous Mayans’. We will be learning all about this fascinating ancient civilisation. This topic will become very creative and cross-curricular. For example, in our Design and technology lessons the children will be designing and creating and fun and educational Maya game. We will be using drama to explore themes and ideas.

Our text in literacy for the term is ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo. We have read this together and will be linking some of our writing to this. The children will be exploring character and writing their own adventure stories, poetry and personal recounts. As part of the children’s homework this term, we have a wide range of activities linking to ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’.  During Computing, the children will be developing their 3D Modelling skills and creating shelters in the style of Kensuke’s.


Spring Term 2019

This term our theme is ‘Under the Canopy’.

 The children are exploring where in the world we would find rainforests and how different the climate and the habitats re compared to our local woodland areas. Our research will give us an insight into the many unique plants and animals which call the rainforests their home. I am sure there will be some surprises as to what originates from the tropical rainforest and how much we rely on them!

We are looking forward to exploring the tribes that live there and how different their lives are from ours.  We would like to be able to answer questions about how the thousands of different species of animals and plants adapt, survive and their interdependency.

Our ‘BIG’ question is…

Why do children need to care for the Rainforests when they are located so far away?

We are looking forward to exploring the importance of rainforests to us and investigating threats to the rainforest and how we can contribute to their preservation. During our literacy lessons, we will be writing persuasive letters and posting them to the Brazilian Embassy in London.

Some useful reference web sites:

Our class are looking forward to many exciting art topics relating to Rainforests flowers.  We are currently learning how to create 3 dimensional flowers, printed and painted flowers and using sewing, which reflect our individual interests and personalities.

Year 5 will be becoming even more confident with Computing, code and programming.  Our activities will be shared on the Learning Platform and we will be using the video camera and iPad to record everything from our sessions in Music to Spanish conversations!

Our Learning Environment:


Autumn Term 2018

Welcome to the Autumn Term in Year 5

We are Escher Class and Klimt Class.

During this term, we will be linking much of our learning to World War 2.

Our literacy lessons will be developing, securing and applying new grammar, spelling and punctuation to a range of writing genres. The children will be broadening their vocabularies and given opportunities and support to write creatively and imaginatively. This may be in the form of narrative writing, diary writing, letters or biographical writing. Having explored and interpreted a range of texts, the children will improve the content and structure of their own writing.

Some of the texts we will be studying are:

rose-blanche goodnight great-expect
dracula artemis anne-frank

There will be many drama opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills, collaborative learning skills and of course interesting ideas which will impact on the content of their writing.

We will be linking our music, art and Dt lessons to our theme of ‘World War 2’. We may even have one of our Spanish units all about WW2!

The children will be encouraged to develop their thinking skills in our P4C (Philosophy for Children) sessions which are always lively and enjoyed. We will be working on developing our growth mindsets and becoming skilled, independent learners with a real thirst for knowledge and new experiences. We will be developing critical thinking skills as we interpret and question a range of texts or scientific hypotheses.

Our science lessons will have a high practical content with the focus on organising investigations, carrying out these fair tests in a safe and organised way and interpreting the results which have been obtained.

Our Learning Environment: