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We currently use ESSENTIALmaths which was designed by Herts for Learning. It is designed to support teachers in their planning and resourcing of each learning sequence and encourages the use of concrete, pictorial and abstract representations as well as other mastery techniques.

The maths curriculum is broken down into 6 strands:

–          Number and Place Value
–          Addition and Subtraction
–          Multiplication and Division (becoming Ratio and Proportion by Year 6)
–          Fractions
–          Measures
–          Geometry
–          Statistics

Reception and Nursery classes are also following the ESSENTALmaths planning.

We are currently in our third year of working with the Matrix Maths Hub on our journey towards maths mastery. Years Reception, Year 1 and Year2 are also working with the Matrix Maths Hub on a fluency project this year.

Our Working Walls: